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Oleamo.sk is the first Slovak independent oil producer. Other than Slovakia, the e-shop also sells on the Czech market and every gourmet chef finds what they’re looking for there. Oleamo offers quality olive and balsamic oils from all over the world that will elevate your dish to the next level. Find out for yourself and discover the love for olive oil.

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What is a Performance Max campaign?

This type of campaign gives advertisers the possibility to cover all available platforms in one campaign. You can advertise throughout the whole Google inventory that contains search engines, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Discovery and more. We can say that Performance Max resembles smart shopping campaigns because the creation and targeting of ads is fully automated and the system works based on the data you give it whilst creating the campaign.

Let’s try to look more closely on how the creation of the campaign works and what are the users options. The first step is to choose a campaign goal and the option to connect a channel (from a connected Merchant Center) or a physical store (from Google My Business). Then you will set the budget and bidding strategy, which is also fully automated. You will choose the location, language or even schedule your ads.

Creating a base for the automated targeting of campaigns

The basis of Performance Max campaigns resemble responsive ads in a display campaign. You have the ability to upload files of different types – from titles and descriptions through images and logos to videos. If you don’t have a promotional video available, the system automatically generates it from uploaded images and texts. You can easily view them in the overview to see how your ads will be shown on individual platforms.

Get your landing pages under control

While creating the base for an ad you set the target URL address where your ad should lead a user after clicking on it. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that although the landing page can be preferred by the system, Google can define its own target web addresses. To prevent your ads being shown in blog articles or other unwanted web addresses, in setting up your campaign, go to the targeting web extension and either turn it off completely or add a list of unwanted URL addresses where you do not want your ad to be shown (similarly to a DSA campaign).

Where does a Performance Max campaign lack and how to subjectively evaluate it after testing on clients?

The biggest disadvantage of this type of campaign is the lack of transparency. The advertiser has no control over the statistics of targeted audiences, can not determine where ads are shown, which keywords are performing the best and can’t exude search terms. Based on our subjective review we compiled an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this campaign type.

search terms and exuded keywords not available

not knowing where the ads are shown

data about the performance and demographics not available

unable to control the extended targeting

unable to evaluate the performance of creatives and data

no possibility of optimization, you have to trust the system

the campaign can undermine the performance of DSA, brand or shopping campaigns

view over the performance of products implemented from the informational channel

possibility to exude URL addresses you do not want to show up on

covering all platforms only in one campaign

easy set up only taking a few minutes

campaign starts generating conversions in a high volume

What are the results after primary testing?

We launched the Performance Max campaign on 18th November 2021 and it has been running for 20 days now. Based on the recommendation from Google, the campaign should run for at least 30 days before you evaluate it, but we want to give you the most up to date info possible, that’ why we are doing it sooner.

In our clients account, concurrently with the Performance Max campaign, we also had search and discovery campaigns running. Although they had little conversions, the COS value remained around 10-15% which we had to stick with. Smart shopping campaigns were absent in this account which haven’t performed well in the past and also also a brand campaign that the client did not want. As soon as the Performance campaign has been launched, it started generating conversions (mostly in Google Shopping). After a few days ads started showing up in brand search (which was not ideal but it could not be changed), but it did not become a problem since it did not reduce transactions from organic search.

Performance Max has 7% COS and a much lower average CPC (-64%) from the launch. It did not affect other campaign types negatively, but on the other hand helped them. No decline has been detected in already running campaigns, the clicks and impressions have increased throughout all campaigns (without changing the budget). The only negative we noticed was the increase of average CPC (+37%) and CAC (+24%) in DSA and Discovery campaigns. That is why we recommend checking the performance of other campaign types after implementing a Performance Max campaign. In this case, we are keeping the new campaign active and will continue analyzing its performance.

“I appreciate the patient approach of Managino, because I am not well-versed in this field and they helped me a lot with setting up campaigns and Analytics. They also explained what I should track and how important goals are. Amazing from communication to the very campaigns.”

Ing. Michal KucharovičOleamo