AutoRicambi is a specialized car spare parts seller for Iveco, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, and Ford vans. The e-shop offers original and branded car parts, expert support, and express delivery of parts from its own warehouse to the whole world.

What campaign structure did we choose?

For AutoRicambi we chose a campaign structure to cover Google advertisement for specific products, for specific product codes and selected categories. We created campaigns mostly in BlueWinston because it’s easier to use automation to advertise products and the product codes. Through Google Ads, we have created campaigns for the most common combinations of keywords (campaigns for product categories).

Performance Max campaign

Product text campaign for spare car parts (product codes)

Category campaigns


BlueWinston is a feed-based PPC tool that creates product PPC campaigns for Google search. AutoRicambi runs campaigns for products and also for specific product codes. BlueWinston creates precise keywords and ads for every single product code. The Performance Max campaign is also running through BlueWinston.

1. Performance Max campaign

In the P. Max campaign, the client advertises products through BlueWinston, where we can set up scripts for automatic optimization of the campaign according to the margin. This way we can easily filter products into the campaign or pause products that are underperforming (e.g. they have too many clicks and lower ROAS).

The client also wanted to use the Comparison Shopping service and they chose Shopping in EU since it’s free of charge when they use BlueWinston. With the CSS partner selected we boosted the P. Max campaign and this way, we got more clicks for the same budget. The CSS lowered the price of their clicks and gave them an advantage over competitors that don’t have the CSS active on their Shopping and P. Max ads.

2. Product text campaign for parts (product codes)

We created a Product text campaign in BlueWinston dedicated to advertising specific spare part numbers for commercial vehicles and trucks. Each part can have multiple codes, which are sent via XML feed to BlueWinston. Subsequently, BlueWinston creates one ad group for each component, which contains keywords (original number, alternative numbers) as well as advertisements for each component.

If the customer clicks on this ad they will be sent to the search result, where they can choose a given part from several manufacturers, for example, the part with code 1908577 is produced by Ferodo and Emmerre =>

3. Category campaigns

We have selected several categories and added the vehicle manufacturer and model to them. We started from what users are most often looking for, i.e. different combinations of spare parts, car names, and models.

We created keywords in this form:

category + manufacturer + model, e.g. rear view mirror iveco daily

category + manufacturer, e.g. iveco rear view mirror

category + model, e.g. daily rear view mirror

This campaign was created manually in Google Ads, so we had very good control over ads, keywords, and search terms. We continuously optimize campaigns so that they have the best possible performance.

BlueWinston made 43% of the whole turnover from Google Advertisement

We wanted to know how much BlueWinston helped the client not only with campaign creation but also with the turnover. When we separated the campaigns only from BlueWInston the period from July 2020 to August 2022 those campaigns brought 43% of all conversion value. That is almost half of the entire turnover for that period and the campaigns have the potential to run like this for a long time!

Why are these types of campaigns running and what are we tracking?

Creating and managing campaigns through Bluewinston has several advantages and of course several disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages for us:


Flexibility → We filter the data from the XML feed as we need. BlueWinston is one of the more precise tools that can tailor the campaigns depending on what products we want to advertise – Filtering through products, price, custom labels, etc.

Saving time and energy → we can easily create Ad patterns from the XML feed by using product names, price, availability, custom labels, and more + we can manually write headlines and descriptions. This way BlueWinston can create thousands of accurate and relevant ads for each product that is included in the campaign.

Capturing all the opportunities for the auction → since keyword creation using automation is effortless, BlueWinston can create quite a lot of keywords that will match the search terms that users search for in Google search.


Familiarity → as soon as you log into BlueWinston you will notice, that it’s a bit different than Google Ads. Both the campaign creation and optimization are done differently and you have to familiarize yourself with the tool before you start with the advertising.

Price → Google Ads is free of course but BlueWinston is third-party software and therefore it has a certain fee. BlueWinston does not have high prices but of course, any price is more than free of charge.

Communication → BlueWinston has tutorials directly in the tool, but from time to time you will find something that maybe suits only you and is not included in the tutorials. You will have to communicate with our support regarding any requests or issues.


We chose two periods of time for the comparison since they were roughly the same. When AutoRicambi started with the advertisement they optimized the campaigns on their own for about 2 years. After that, they decided that the Managino agency should take care of their campaigns so that they could focus on other matters. PPC specialists at our agency currently take care of clients’ campaigns and have been doing so for 2 years now.

Since we have the same periods of time when campaigns were created and optimized by the e-shop’s management and our agency, we have enough data for comparison.

August 2018 – July 2020 – management of Google Ads campaigns on the e-shops side

August 2020 – July 2022 – management of Google Ads campaigns on the part of the Managino agency, including the use of the BlueWinston PPC tool

Number of conversions → +226% increase

Conversion value → +176% increase

According to the results in Google Ads, we can see that when the Managino agency took over the creation and optimization processes the number of conversions increased by +226%, and the conversion value increased by +176%.

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