About our client Alko90

If you’re looking for quality alcohol,e-shop Alko90 has more that 2 000 types in stock from all over the world. Whether you want to reward yourself with a bottle of rum or are looking for a gift basket for your relatives or colleagues, you will find what you’re looking for.

You can order premium alcohol of various brands from the comfort of your own home or shop in one of their stores in Bratislava or Trnava, where professionally trained staff will help you choose.

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Paid ads and quality SEO

We started working with Alko90 in October 2020. The priority has been increasing the efficiency of paid advertising in Google Ads. In February 2021 we deepened our cooperation by covering SEO optimization where we focused on reaching our set goals.

Increase organic web visits

Better positions in organic search

Increase revenue and transactions from organic visits

Organic visits overview

The graph below shows the development of organic visits compared to the same period a year earlier. Despite the visits only being increased by 4%, we have been able to increase conversions and the revenue. The organic turnover rose by 16% and the number of transactions by 9%.

The overall development has been stabilized despite multiple keywords being less searched for during the previous year, thanks to the pandemic. The difference can be seen in March and April, when the search rate has gone down and with that also the visitations. Subsequently, it has gotten back higher in June and July.


Visitations based on keywords

In organic visits we rely on categories and products, whilst the brand takes up only one space in the TOP 10 words with the highest click rate. A broad take on supporting activities on individual sub-pages helps them show up more on different keywords which helps the visit rate primarily with non-brand keywords.

Development of the number and position of keywords

The domain shows up in search for various keywords. The goal is to continuously increase the number of keywords the e-shop shows up for, so it can become more visible in search results. Since February, the number of keywords in TOP 100 has increased by more than 300. We show up for 1647 different keywords at the moment.

In the tab below, you can see keywords we moved up for in search. Seemingly some of them only went up by units, but this means a a significant improvement in real numbers.

Implemented activities

Organic web visits increase

H1 titles creation and edit

Blog articles creation

Content creation for content sections

E-shop structure broadening

Backlink creation

E-shop and sub-page index support

Achieved results

Increased organic visitations by 4%

Increased transactions from organic visits by 9%

Increased turnover from organic visits by 16%

Organic visits primarily from non-brand keywords