You must know that Universal Analytics is going to be replaced by its newest version Google Analytics 4 at the beginning of July 2023. It is essential to prepare for this change beforehand, so it does not create any complications.

Why is it necessary to start with GA4 already?

Sadly, it is impossible to import historical data from Universal Analytics to GA4. That is why it is essential to start GA4 besides a functional UA in advance (we recommend at least a year), during which you’ll gather needed data from your website and mobile apps. You can utilize this period for testing and comparing these two platforms. When UA inevitably ends, you will be ready for a smooth transition. Even though UA ends on the 1st of July 2023, you will have access to your already gathered data for 6 months after that. During this perios, we strongly recommend exporting historical overviews so you can refer back to them if needed.

What does GA4 offer?

GA4 comes with many news. The first visible change is the new appearance of the interface, which is much more clean and intuitive than UA. The main change is the ability to connect data across multiple web domains and mobile apps to one interface. Data will be together and easier to effectively work with. As for GDPR, GA4 IP addresses will be automatically anonymous. Other changes include viewing reports, data models not based on relations and page views, but on proceedings and many more. You must realize and acknowledge that GA4 is still in a testing phase, so it can still contain errors.

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new interface look, much more clean and intuitive than UA

ability to connect data across multiple domains and mobile apps

IP addresses automatically anonymous

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How to set up GA4?

Don’t waste time with lengthy and incomprehensible tutorials. Specialists at Managino Agency, who will take care of everything for you, will make sure your Ga4 is set correctly. Call us or send an e-mail today.

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